APP cannot connect to the CIRCUL


1. Check whether the ring is charged fully 2. The distance between CIRCUL and Mobile is within 10cm for bluetooth connection 3. Check whether the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone is turned on 4. Whether the Bluetooth permission of the APP in the phone settings is turned on 5. ...

Forgot login password


Opening "CIRCUL", click the "Forgot Password" button, and reset the password according to the prompts.

How to register a new user account


Opening "CIRCUL", click the "register" button, enter the mobile phone number account and verification code and set the password to activate.

How to download the app


Open the Apple Store on your iPhone, open the Google Play Store on your Android phone, search for "CIRCUL" (App is called "CIRCUL+"), download and install,Select "Allow" all the usage rights required by app during installation, otherwise some functions may be unavailable.

Heart rate display on phone screen may differ from report


It is possible and normal that the heart rate display on the screen of phone is different than the report. Because the display data on the phone is live data without any post process, and report data has been processed by algorithm, which may delete some unreliable data according to …

Charging CIRCUL with laptop USB


The charging adapters for CIRCUL are for USB Type A. Some newer laptops use USB Type C ports.  In this case, you may need to purchase a USB A to C adapter.  These are found easily online or at electronics stores.  See photo.

Getting data reading in box


How is CIRCUL getting reading while in the box? If removed from box, it will stop detectionb ecause we use the reflective SpO2 detection technology, different with traditional method, using penetration method. If there is object inside the ring, SpO2 sensor will receive the reflective light, cause the wrong detection.

Explanation of Ring detection delay


There is a motion monitoring sensor inside the ring. When the ring is worn for first time (begin to detect), in order to ensure the data quality and reliability, the calculation of SpO2 value needs to wait until the motion monitoring sensor shows static and the static period exceeds 8 …

O2 Vibe Error 4

Mark Goettling

An Error 4 code may indicate a faulty thumb ring sensor; please attempt the following trouble shooting steps to see if they correct the issue: Please unplug the thumb ring sensor from your O2 Vibe device; Next, close your O2 mobile app completely; Turn OFF your O2 Vibe device by …