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BodiMetrics has partnered with the premier source for health, wellness and fitness information, education and advice – Hearst Media and adopted some new colors too!

Hearst Media includes trusted magazine brands like Prevention, Good Housekeeping, Men’s & Women’s Health and Runners World.

New circul+ has all the same functions as the original CIRCUL, but now has overnight temperature, improved battery life and new sensors that will provide an ECG, HRV & Blood Pressure metrics by end of 2021 with no additional hardware or cost.

CIRCUL™ Pulse Oximetry Wearable Technology Demonstrated Statistically Significant Correlation in Delivering Stable Oxygen Saturation Value in Dark-Pigmented Individuals

Link to CIRCUL Study and Results

Read US Senators Jan 2021 Letter to the FDA on the subject

Link to NEJM Article

WIRED: Oximeters Used to Be Designed for Equity. What Happened?

This problem can be addressed with better designed devices; CIRCUL is one such device.

oximeter ring

CIRCUL Sleep and Fitness Ring

Price Reduced:  NOW $199

  • Sleek durable design and adjustable sizing from small to large; NO sizing kit needed just select one of three adjustable sizes small, large or extra large.  Works on all fingers.
  • For personal Home Oximetry use
  • Overnight sleep tracking including SpO2%, HR, ODI and 4 Sleep Stages (Awake, Light, Deep and REM Sleep)
  • Daytime Monitoring of SpO2 and Heart Rate for complete workout: running, hiking or biking
  • Record workouts and sleep; share with your trainer, physician, caregiver or family member

CIRCUL is now FSA Eligible so you can use your pre-tax dollars to purchase the CIRCUL for day and night blood oxygenation monitoring while sleeping or awake!

What Doctors and Customers Say

Dr. Steve Friedman
Doctor of Internal Medicine and Doctor of Psychiatry

Dr. Chris Landon
Director of Pediatrics at Ventura County Medical Center

This little ring is great. It’s easy to use And easy to read. I would recommend it for anyone with a breathing issue. It’s really helped me to know precisely when to use an inhaler instead of guessing. The fact it stores the information  means I have a well organized comprehensive record of information over a period  of time to show my doctor at MSK.
The alarm and sleep mode has given me real peace of mind and the device is inconspicuous and does not impair comfort so when you are ready to sleep you can. The breakdown of my sleep cycles is information of which I never would have been aware if not for the CIRCUL. Unlike other devices on the market this one is a hospital grade with precise data and alerts that can be life saving.  The ease of use, accurate information , and unencumbered comfort makes the CIRCUL ring well worth the price tag.
– SLB, Greenwich, CT

5 Stars!
Excellent tool to monitor O2 saturation and CPAP performance. Super easy to use with useful and simple data to confirm your CPAP is working properly each night. Highly recommend! Comfortable ring, and I don’t like rings or jewelry generally.


5 Stars!
Your ring is outstanding, I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing it, it has helped me understand my sleep patterns and O2 intake. Given the risk posed by COVID it is nice having a baseline. Their customer service is best in class
Scott Mack

5 Stars!
I gave you 5 stars and a great review in 2 places so far prior to this development- I appreciate your continued dedication to our greater health! Thank you! I have read I recommended you to several in the medical field!
MJ Zapp

5 Stars!
I love my Circul. It determines the oxygen level in the blood during sleep. I am astonished how low O2 level drops. I do have sleep apnea and use a CPAP.


Sleep Statistics, Data and Facts

Sleeping 60 to 90 minutes more per night can make you happier and healthier.
– American Psychology Association

We dream 4-6 times per night but forget 95-99% of our dreams the next morning.
– G. William Domhoff

REM Sleep constitutes of 20% of our total sleep time while the remaining 80% are non-REM sleep stages.
– WebMD


Body Temperature Fluctuations GraphOur body temperature drops by 1-2 degrees during the night so it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit chilly.
– WebMD

Sleeping In a Fetal Position 54.1% of adults prefer to sleep in the fetal position while 37.5% sleep on their back, even though it’s the healthiest position.
– Nature and Science of Sleep

6-8% of the participants in one study reported a condition called “sexsomia” which means waking up in the middle of the night to get intimate with your partner.
– MDPI – Journal of Clinical Medicine

Announcing a partnership with the Vironix COVIDx Beta
This is the next step to better health!

BodiMetrics has collaborated with a novel AI digital health company called Vironix that specializes in remote monitoring, triage, and exacerbation detection associated with infectious and chronic illnesses.

In a most timely manner, they have rapidly crafted a triage software that merges the CIRCUL Ring with their interpretation algorithms to provide real time monitoring, screening, and at-home care of patients with COVID-19. Hence, if you’re interested in doing monitoring of the symptoms, signs, and relevant summary statistics associated with COVID-19 and general lung health, you’ll want to read the attached white paper.

This is a game changing set of technologies, and it has the potential to transform remote patient testing and dramatically improve health outcomes in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

  • To download White Paper enter your email now.

Wearable Health and Fitness (eHealth) Devices




BodiMetrics™ Performance Monitor captures vital health metrics in the palm of your hand in 20 seconds! Your vitals (ECG| Heart Rate| Systolic Blood Pressure| Blood Oxygenation |Temperature) and pedometer combined with our algorithms and indices provide health conscious consumers with the information needed to support a healthy lifestyle or maximize fitness regimens.








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