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Sense of Purpose

‘Sense of Purpose’ Can Add Years to Your Life

What’s the meaning of life? It’s true that we may never know, but in an article posted on Friday Dec. 4, 2015 scientists are saying now that by finding a ‘sense of purpose’ in our own lives it will not only life our spirits, but will prolong our lives as well! Check it out!

6 Simple Steps to a Healthy Heart

When I was 17, my dad died of a sudden heart attack. Needless to say, it was devastating, and one of the few effective coping mechanisms that I found for the pain and confusion I experienced was running. It was therapeutic for me; after my runs, I’d feel like some ...

6 Tips for Managing Stress – Kathy Smith

Stress is your body’s response to change, whether it’s a positive or negative change. An upcoming wedding, losing your job, a new addition to the family, buying a new home…all of these things create stress, triggering our body to a “fight or flight” response. Our natural fight or flight reactions …