Getting Started

Performance Monitor

Download QuickStart Guide – Performance Monitor (PDF)

Performance Monitor Devices Compatibility

iOS Compatibility
iPhone 4s and models launched subsequently;
iPad 2 and models launched subsequently;
iOS 7.0 or above

Android Compatibility
Mobile phone or pad Android 4.0 or above

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Is there any way to remind me to take the Body Check?

You can set a reminder event to remind you. When this Body Check reminder event is triggered, the device gives audio alarm prompt, which will last for one minute if you don’t cancel it manually. BPM supports up to 6 reminder events.

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When should I take the Body Check measurement?

To ensure better tracking of your health status, it is strongly suggested that every Body Check measurement is made under similar conditions. E.g., every morning when you wake up, or every night before going to bed.

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How many users does BPM support?

BPM supports one Guest and 3 configurable users.

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Should I turn off my BodiMetrics Performance Monitor (BPM) after use?

Generally speaking, there is no need to turn off BPM after use. When there is no operation for 2 minutes, BPM will automatically enter a Standby / Calendar mode, which works with ultra-low power consumption. In this mode, BPM displays the data and time. If you already set reminder event(s), BPM can also be used as an alarm clock. If you do want to turn off the device, then press the Home button and hold for 5 seconds.

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How do I sync my BPM with the BodiMetrics App

After downloading the BodiMetrics App to your mobile phone. Open the BodiMetrics app on your phone. Go to the second page of icons on your BPM push the BlueTooth icon. The app will sync with your BPM an identify the model number. Please push this box and your data will download into your app.

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How do I start using my BodiMetrics Performance Monitor?

Please refer to quick start guide.

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What comes in the box?

Each box contains a BodiMetrics Performance Monitor, a micro USB cable for charging a manual, neck strap and desktop folding stand.

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Charging/Battery Life

How long does the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor take to charge?

With the supplied cable, approximately one hour.

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How long does the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor battery last?

With normal use, 3-5 weeks on a single charge. Your experience may be lower or higher based on your use and environmental conditions.

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Device Not Charging with Computer USB Port

Issue: Device wont charge or turns off immediately after turning on after attempting to charge using your computer’s USB port.

Solution: Some laptops and computers shutdown the USB port to save power especially when the lid is closed on a laptop. Plug your charging cable into a wall charger.

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How does the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor connect to my phone?

It uses Low Power Bluetooth, a popular wireless protocol.

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Can I connect BodiMetrics Performance Monitor to two different Android/iOS devices at the same time?


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How do I sync my BodiMetrics Performance Monitor’s data with my phone?

Enable bluetooth on the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor. If not done so already, enable bluetooth on the iOS/Android device and open the BodiMetrics app and follow on-screen instructions.

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Do I need to have my phone with me?

No. The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor can record 100 records for up to 7 distinct users. That should last most consumers 2 months of intended use. If you don’t sync it and there are too many records already, it will overwrite the oldest records. You can sync it when you get the next opportunity. Syncing allows you to review your historic data and share it with others.

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App Asks for Access to Photos

Issue: App asks for access to photos.

Some apps use the photo system on your mobile device to take a snapshot of your measurement thus allowing you to email or attach your measurement to a message.

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App Not Connecting

Issue: App won’t connect or keeps searching or connecting but doesn’t open.

Solution: Reboot (turn off and on) your mobile device this will reset it in the event of a lockup or glitch.

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Updating Your BodiMetrics Performance Monitor

How do I check the firmware version on the product?

1. Go to “Home” page and then click on the right arrow. Tap the “Settings” menu item.
2. Scroll down the page and tap “About”.
3. The “Software Version” listed is your firmware version.

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How do I update the firmware?

The following process will update the software on your BodiMetrics Performance Monitor. Contact Customer Support at 844-744-8800, option 2 if you need assistance. If your BodiMetrics Performance Monitor firmware is already version 1.6 or greater you can update your firmware with your smartphone BodiMetrics mobile app under Main Menu -> Device Update.

If your firmware version is lower than 1.6 you will need the following and complete the process below:

  • Personal computer with a USB port (versions less than 1.3 require the use of a PC (not Macintosh))
  • The USB cable provided with your product
  • Android or Apple smartphone and
  • Your BodiMetrics Performance Monitor

1. Be sure to sync your Performance Monitor data records on your device to your mobile phone BEFORE updating your software on your device. To synch your device data to your smartphone follow these steps:

  • Turn on your BodiMetrics Performance Monitor and go to second menu screen to find the Bluetooth icon
  • Press the Bluetooth icon
  • Open your BodiMetrics app on your smartphone
  • Select “Search for Device”
  • Select your device number on your smartphone screen and
  • Update data records
  • Once data upload is complete Press the Home button on your Performance Monitor to turn off Bluetooth

2. Windows ONLY – Click on this link in the email to run the update program.

When you click on the file you will see a small window asking you to save it. Click Save file. It will be saved to your Download folder.
It will be downloaded to your download folder but you can click on the download arrow in the top right of your screen if you use Firefox Browser
Otherwise go to your download folder and click it there.


When you click on it, You should see the screen below


3. Plug the small end of the white USB data cable that came with your Performance Monitor into the unit.
4. Plug the other end of the USB cable into a USB port on your PC
5. Turn ON your BodiMetrics Performance Monitor device by pressing the Home button
6. Go to second menu and select Settings icon




7. Scroll down and tap Software Update
8. On your PC click the blue button with the double white


Your BodiMetrics Performance Monitor will now update. Please wait a few minutes until it is finished; once the update is finished you will hear “Welcome to BodiMetrics”

Your BodiMetrics Performance Monitor software update is now complete. You can check the software version under Setting -> About on your device.

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Tracking & Accuracy

Date and Time Wrong – First Use

This may be due to a clock reset after a long storage or the battery has drained completely.
After the first connection with the phone, the date and time will be sync’d.
Usually a user will receive a device with some battery power, so the date will be normal, but in some special cases the battery runs out and the clock may reset.
To avoid this, a user MUST connect to the mobile app once before the first use.

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Why the temperature reading measured by BPM is different from what I measured from an infrared ear thermometer?

The temperature varies in different part of your body. Even for a healthy person, the temperature difference among different positions could be between 0.2 to 1 °F. Usually, the infrared ear thermometer gives a near-core temperature reading, while BPM gives a reading which is equivalent to the axillary temperature.

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Why I cannot get the SBP reading when a Body Check is performed?

This may happen when there is interference during the measurement. Make sure that you follow the instructions correctly in the Quick User Guide. Also, the “Guest” user cannot get a BP reading.

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Why the device shows that BP calibration failed?

The BP calibration process requires to measure your blood pressure twice. When the difference of systolic blood pressure between two measurements are too big, the BP calibration will fail. Please wait for a few minutes and then try again.

Quick Tips:
Pick up your Performance Monitor and select <Body Check> on the first menu screen; follow the on screen instructions and hold device as shown below.  Note do not forget to place one of the fingers on your RIGHT hand on the silver sensor on the back of device.

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How often should I perform BP (re)calibration?

Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for details. To ensure a high quality calibration, it is recommended that the BP calibration is made with the help of healthcare professional, by using auscultation to get an accurate blood pressure reading from the external BP meter (not included).

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Should BP calibration be made for each user?

Yes. For each individual, the algorithm that computes BP uses factors such as height, weight and numerus artefacts within the waveform. Like a fingerprint, these are unique to each individual. So the BP calibration must be performed for each user.

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How to perform a Blood Pressure calibration?

To  get  blood pressure  readings,  this  device  should  be calibrated  by  a you or your doctor  with  a  traditional  arm or wrist cuff  blood  pressure  meter (not included).  Blood pressure (BP) varies by individual so  each  User  must  complete  his/her  own  calibration before  using the Performance Monitor <Body  Check> function to measure  or  track your blood  pressure.  The calibration should be performed when the user is calmly sitting down.

To calibrate your Performance Monitor with an arm or wrist-cuff BP meter, follow these steps.

NOTE: For initial Set Up, please create a <User Name> under <Settings> on the Second Menu Screen of your Performance Monitor BEFORE beginning the BP calibration of your device.

NOTE: BodiMetrics Performance Monitor – Firmware Version 1.6 and greater requires a single BP calibration. Older firmware versions may require 2 calibration steps.

1. First, take your Blood Pressure using an arm band or cuff-based Blood Pressure Monitor (not included) while seated and relaxed. Please write down the reading you displayed on your external Blood Pressure monitor. The Systolic Blood Pressure number is the important number you will need to complete the calibration process on your Performance Monitor.

2. Pick  up the  Performance Monitor  monitor,  press Home  button  to  enter  Main Screen.  Tap the moving arrow on the right to see the Second Screen, and press bp-calibration-settings-icon icon to select.

3. Next, arrow down using the arrow icon on right side of screen and select <SBP Calibration> and then select your <User Name>.

4. With the cuff on your LEFT arm or wrist ensure that the cuff monitor is at heart level as your heart – then START the blood pressure measurement from your arm or cuff BP meter.

5. Now Press anywhere on the 1st calibration screen shown above.

6. At this screen, hold your Performance Monitor in the “Body Check” position with one hand placed on left-side sensor, thumb on front circle sensor, index finger in door on top, and a finger on the rear sensor (back right side).  Note do not forget to place one of the fingers on your RIGHT hand on the silver sensor on the back of device.

7. Once you complete the FIRST calibration, the Performance Monitor will request you enter the Systolic Blood Pressure number (TOP NUMBER ON YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR).  Please enter the number using the Performance Monitor screen keypad, and press OK.

8. Repeat the process for a 2nd Calibration by following the instructions above and once you enter your Systolic Blood Pressure the SECOND time your Performance Monitor will display “Calibration Successful”

9. Should the BP Calibration fail, please turn off your Performance Monitor by holding down the blue-gray Home button.

10. Turn your Performance Monitor back on by holding down the Home button again and repeat steps above.

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