BodiMetrics & BlueKare Agree To Strategic Agreement To Provide Digital Healthcare To India & Africa

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  1. Sounds really great. I am a licensed clinical Psychologist (CA & HI) and certified provider of biofeedback and neurofeedback (BCIA) and have developed a self-relaxation process (Systematic Self-relaxation – patent pending) that I teach to impart self-regulation/relaxation skills to my patients. This process really works and through the use of biofeedback instrumentation to measure results I have repeatedly demonstrated it can in 20 minutes or less increase finger temperature by as much as 20 degrees F if you have cold hands to begin with, reduce HR by 10 BPM, reduce systalic BP by 10 or more mm Hg, increase HRV, lower muscle tension, and reduce EDR. It moves your entire physiology toward homeostasis lowering anxiety and leaving you in a peaceful state of mind. It’s great for stress management and reducing many of the symptoms of psycho-physiologic disorders. Your device sounds ideal to demonstrate the results of my process and how the regular use of it can improve one’s health and well being. I see synergistic potentials for inclusion of an MP 3 or 4 of my process on your device. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further. In the meantime I’ll be ordering one of your devices.

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