Your O2 Bedtime Stories…

A Lung Disease Story by Tazz

“I had lung disease for a while, but last year it felt I was getting worse, I quickly realized that I have drops in O2 sats on walking exercises, which concerned me. After some research it pointed to an associated condition of Nocturnal (o2) Desaturation…”

An "IPF" Story by Kent

“Thank you for your O2 Vibe monitor!  I am a 63-year-old idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patient with about a 42% lung capacity. I am waiting to get approved for a lung transplant and doing my best to stay active and healthy in the meantime. I use your O2 Vibe”

Sleep Apnea Story by Joseph

“I am a physically fit (BMI less than 24), 85-year-old retired Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon – steeped in knowledge of anatomic factors and physiologic principle underlying obstructive sleep apnea.”

Life Saver – 30% Lung Capacity

“I am writing this testimonial to share my complete satisfaction with the O2 Vibe. I purchased my first Vibe in April of 2018 between hospitalizations.”

-Happy & Anonymous

Tell us your O2 Bedtime Stories!

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Please share with others how the O2 Vibe has helped you in your daily life.  How did the O2 Vibe and O2 mobile app affect tracking changes in your diet, exercise, sleep habits and overall quality of life?  Finally, please share any specific use cases that you feel would help others improve their quality of life or overall wellness.

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