How do I sync my BodiMetrics O2 Vibe’s data with my phone?

Mark Goettling

To View Results and Settings on Mobile App
After the Bluetooth connection is established, you can use the APP to:
Review all measurement and analys is results with detailed data plots,
Change the settings of the monitor,
Update the software of the monitor,
Manage the data in the cloud.

Note: Your O2 Vibe can store a maximum of 4 records,· so the oldes t record will be overwritten when the 5th record is taken. Please synch your O2 Vibe to your mobile app frequently to avoid losing records.

1. Touch the Cloud icon in the upper right -hand corner of the app, and then creat e an account.
2. Sign into the O2 Vibe, fill in your account and user profile.
3. Data can be synced with the Cloud once you set up your account. To share data or records you must have an account.