Mobile APPs and Personal Wellness Index from BodiMetrics and Alive Sciences

Wonder whether your general wellness is stable, improving or declining due to diet, exercise or chronic illnesses? Now, you can “See My Trend” and share your general Personal Wellness Index and trend with physicians, friends, caregivers and family members.

Drawing on the proven science of the Rothman Index to forecast subtle but signicant health trends we have developed the Personal Wellness Index (PWI. The PWI is an easy-to-use application for individuals post discharge, chronically ill medical, athletes seeking improved performance and anyone who wants to maintain good health and fitness.

For individuals this state-of-the-art personal wellness index helps you recognize important changes in your general health in a timely manner. Using a BodiMetrics Performance Monitor, it takes just a few minutes to capture your key vital signs, answer a few questions and calculate your PWI score and trend over time. Then, you can share your results with those you trust, including your physicians if desired.

See My TREND – Personal Wellness Index

From: $99.99 for 1 year subscription

* Requires BodiMetrics Performance Monitor