Can BPM replace a traditional blood pressure meter?

No traditional blood pressure meters take both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings. BPM cannot fully replace a traditional blood pressure meter. However, after calibration, BPM offers a more convenient way to track your blood pressure anywhere and anytime.

What conditions may cause inaccurate measurements in measuring SpO2/blood oxygen?

The common conditions includes:

  1. Poor blood circulation; Generally speaking, for people with poor blood circulation, one of the indications is, the finger is cold to the touch. In this case, you can rub your finger to increase the circulation, or warm up your finger.
  2. Nail polish, and/or artificial nails;
  3. Flickering or very bright light shining inside the SpO2 sensor.

Why is the ECG waveform not clear and sometimes not stable?

The small sawtooth waveform are noises generated by muscle electricity, movement and/or poor conductivity. To minimize noises, please:

  1. Sit down, keep calm and relax.
  2. Put hands on table or thigh to relax arms.
  3. Hold the device gently and steadily, make sure that your finger and palm have a stabilizing contact with ECG electrodes.
  4. Moisten fingers and/or palm to improve conductivity when necessary. Dry skin or thick stratum corneum affects conductivity.

Is there any way to remind me to take the Body Check?

You can set a reminder event to remind you. When this Body Check reminder event is triggered, the device gives audio alarm prompt, which will last for one minute if you don’t cancel it manually. BPM supports up to 6 reminder events.

When should I take the Body Check measurement?

To ensure better tracking of your health status, it is strongly suggested that every Body Check measurement is made under similar conditions. E.g., every morning when you wake up, or every night before going to bed.

Should I turn off my BodiMetrics Performance Monitor (BPM) after use?

Generally speaking, there is no need to turn off BPM after use. When there is no operation for 2 minutes, BPM will automatically enter a Standby / Calendar mode, which works with ultra-low power consumption. In this mode, BPM displays the data and time. If you already set reminder event(s), BPM can also be used as an alarm clock. If you do want to turn off the device, then press the Home button and hold for 5 seconds.