How to perform a BP calibration?

Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for details. To ensure a high quality calibration, it is recommended that the BP calibration is made with the help of healthcare professional, by using auscultation to get an accurate blood pressure reading from the external BP meter (not included).

To  get  blood pressure  readings,  this  device  should  be calibrated  by  a you or your doctor  with  a  traditional  cuff  blood  pressure  (BP)  meter.  Because  of individual  differences,  each   user  must  make  his/her   own  calibration before  using <Body  Check>  to measure  or  track your blood  pressure.  The calibration should be performed when the user is under calm and sitting down.

To calibrate with a cuff BP meter, follow the steps as below.

NOTE: For initial Set Up, please create a <User Name> under <Settings> on the Second Screen BEFORE calibrating your device for blood pressure.

1. Put on a traditional Blood Pressure arm band or cuff on your LEFT arm or wrist and sit down and relax.
2. Pick  up the  Performance Monitor  monitor,  press Home  button  to  enter  Main Screen.  Swipe the main screen to the left to see the Second Screen and press <Settings> icon to select.
3. Next, arrow down using the arrow icon on right side of screen and select <BP Calibration> and then select your <User Name>.
4. With the cuff on your LEFT arm or wrist ensure that the cuff monitor is at heart level as your heart – then START the blood pressure measurement from your arm or cuff BP meter.
5. Now Press
6. Pick up your Performance Monitor and select <Body Check> on the first menu screen; follow the on screen instructions and hold device as shown below.  Note do not forget to place one of the fingers on your RIGHT hand on the silver sensor on the back of device.
7. Once you complete the FIRST calibration, the Performance Monitor will request you enter the Systolic Blood Pressure number (TOP NUMBER ON YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR).  Please enter the number and press Enter.
8. Repeat the process by following the instructions above and once you enter your Systolic Blood Pressure the SECOND time your Performance Monitor will display “Calibration Successful”
9. Should the BP Calibration fail, please turn off your Performance Monitor by holding down the blue-gray Home button.
10. Turn your Performance Monitor back on by holding down the Home key again and repeat steps above.