Do I need to have my phone with me?

developer@bmps Syncing

No. The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor can record 100 records for up to 7 distinct users. That should last most consumers 2 months of intended use. If you don’t sync it and there are too many records already, it will overwrite the oldest records. You can sync it when you get …

App Asks for Access to Photos

Mark Goettling

Issue: App asks for access to photos. Solution: Some apps use the photo system on your mobile device to take a snapshot of your measurement thus allowing you to email or attach your measurement to a message.

App Not Connecting

Mark Goettling

Issue: App won’t connect or keeps searching or connecting but doesn’t open. Solution: Reboot (turn off and on) your mobile device this will reset it in the event of a lockup or glitch.