COVID-19 Coronavirus Monitoring, China

Continuous SpO2 and Heart Rate data, sleep quality etc, monitor doctors and nurses health anytime. The CIRCUL Ring & BodiOrb are being used in CHINA in the fight against COVID 19. BodiMetrics put together a presentation on how the Chinese are using our devices.  The attached image highlights a slide. …

2019 Scleroderma Foundation National Patient Education Conference

BodiMetrics is exhibiting at the 2019 Scleroderma Foundation Conference. We will be making a $15 per device donation to the foundation for the month of July for any customers using coupon code “scleroderma”. BodiMetric’s Booth Number is 215

Another great O2 Vibe Review

I had lung disease for a while, but last year it felt I was getting worse, I quickly realized that I have drops in O2 sats on walking exercises, which concerned me. After some research it pointed to an associated condition of Nocturnal (o2) Desaturation, so to find out I …

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