PWI Evaluation


Test our new See My Trend ™ health and wellness scoring using your BodiMetrics mobile App & Performance Monitor ™

We have integrated a health and wellness scoring algorithm into our BodiMetrics mobile app for your smartphone, iPad or Android tablet*. This version of the BodiMetrics mobile app will seamlessly combine your vital signs from your Performance Monitor with answers to a series of health-related questions to calculate your Personal Wellness Index (PWI).

Your PWI will be a score between 100 (best) and 0 (zero) and delivered each time you submit new information, as well a historical trend so you can see changes over time.

The PWI is an easy-to-use application for individuals with chronic illnesses, athletes seeking improved performance and anyone who wants to track and maintain good health and fitness.

Our goals for this 30 day test and Evaluation are threefold:

1. Do you find the process easy to follow and acceptable for general use without help?
2. Would you use it regularly (daily, weekly or other frequency)? and
3. Do you feel the information and tracking it provides personally useful?

*Requires BodiMetrics Performance Monitor Device
You will receive a FREE annual See My Trend Subscription
for your participation – a $99 value!
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Evaluation requirements:

  • You must have a Performance Monitor
  • You must be or willing to use BodiMetrics iOS or Android app available FREE at iTunes and Google Play
  • You agree to answer some brief questions about your general health at the beginning of the period and 30 day later when the survey ends. Total time involved is 30 days
  • All data will be kept confidential and not shared, sold or otherwise used outside of BodiMetrics and its affiliates

You will receive a free report of our overall findings and results.
We can only accept 100 volunteers so please respond quickly.

To participate you will be asked to electronically sign the
“Participation Agreement” that will be emailed to you at the start of the evaluation.

If interested, please provide your name and email address below:[/text_output]

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