See My TREND – Personal Wellness Index SIMPLE

$1.00 for 1 year

* Requires BodiMetrics Performance Monitor
Wondering whether your body may be sending signals you are not aware of, moving upward or declining? Now, you can “See My TREND” and share the findings with physicians, friends, caregivers and family members.

Drawing on the proven ability of the Rothman Index to detect subtle but significant health trends, Alive Sciences has developed the Personal Wellness Index (PWI) in partnership with BodiMetrics, one of the nation’s leading medical device companies. The PWI is an easy to use application for patients with a chronic medical condition, athletes seeking improved performance and anyone who wants to maintain good health and fitness.

This state-of-the-art personal health indicator helps you recognize important changes in your condition in a timely manner. Using a BodiMetrics Performance Monitor, it takes just a few minutes to capture your key vital signs, answer a few questions and calculate your PWI score. Then, you can share your results with those you trust, including your physicians if desired.

For physicians, caregivers and other providers, Alive Sciences’ PWI provides accurate medical data, while improving the patient experience – resulting in better care, medication adherence and more. Along with providing timely information to care providers, the PWI from Alive Sciences empowers you to make better decisions about your own health and wellness.

The See My TREND mobile app is enabled by subscription in your BodiMetrics app available at iTunes and Google Play. Act NOW for 60-day money back guarantee!



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