Oura vs CIRCUL sleep and fitness ring

Oura ring and CIRCUL ring comparison


Two key differences between CIRCUL and Oura are:

  1. CIRCUL is adjustable.
    • With its unique design, an exact ring measurement is not required.  Additionally, you can wear the ring on different fingers on either hand.  With one-size rings, you can only wear the ring on the finger for which it was sized.
  2. CIRCUL measures Blood Oxygen saturation
    • As an oximeter,  CIRCUL continuously monitors SpO2 (blood oxidization) during daytime activities and sleep.


  • Overnight sleep tracking including SpO2%, Blood Oxygen, ODI
    • Good sleep is critical to health, as example see here.
  • Daytime Monitoring of SpO2
  • CIRCUL Pulse Oximetry Wearable Technology Demonstrated Statistically Significant Correlation in Delivering Stable Oxygen Saturation Value

What is ODI?
Oxygen desaturation index (ODI) is the average number of desaturation episodes per hour . Desaturation episodes are generally a decrease in the average oxygen saturation of  greater than 4% that lasts for at least 10 seconds.

Blood Oxidation (SpO2)
Pulse oximeters measure the oxygen saturation, the percentage of oxygen in blood. An normal oxygen saturation is 95 to 100 percent for healthy individuals. Warning signs of a low oxygen level include difficulty breathing, confusion, and trouble waking up. Blood oxygen that is below normal or dips below normal may be a signal that other adverse health conditions are a possibility.

Sleep Stages
Available through the free App, CIRCUL’s sleep tracker report shows sleep stages, including Awake, REM, Light and Deep sleep

The BodiMetrics Cloud
Record workouts and sleep using the CIRCUL App and share with your trainer, physician, caregiver or family members.

“[I]f you want to get an easy-to-use, hassle-free device that fits any finger, and simply provides you with accurate and continuous tracking of the most essential biometric data on a clear mobile app, and allows you to easily share online reports with your family members, trainer, or doctor, you are probably better off with the CIRCUL ring. Thanks to its ingenious adjustable body, sizing is the least of your problems when ordering it!” – Smart Ring News

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