O2 Vibe™ Sleep & Fitness Monitor


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Wearable Day and Night O2 Fitness and Sleep Monitoring

Dual mode Sleep and Fitness Monitor for Healthier Living

  • Better understand sleep quality using O2 Vibe Score
  • Track how changes in fitness and lifestyle impact sleep quality
  • Improve quality of sleep using customizable O2 thresholds and smart alarm settings
  • Stay on track with daily step goals and smart alert reminders
  • Track SpO2 while lightly exercising to maximize fitness regimens




Innovative Wearable Design

  • The lightest and smallest SpO2 sleep monitor on the market
    Free Your Finger with our patented comfortable thumb sensor. No other pulse oximeter provides this capability!
  • Dual Mode Sleep and Fitness Monitoring for day and night tracking and trending

Smart Alert Vibrations Provide Sleep and Fitness Alerts

  • Adjustable vibration setting gently awakes you when SpO2 falls below threshold you set
  • Don’t interrupt partner during sleep with quiet personal smart vibrations
  • Remind yourself to keep moving through- out the day to meet your step goals

Mobile App and Secure Cloud Service

  • Data and Trends can be synched with Secure Cloud Service automatically Data and trends can be transferred automatically to trusted advisor or family member
  • Secure Cloud Service complies with all HIPAA regulations for privacy and protection of your data